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Bandijerna - Durmitor

Camping - Optional


Bandijerna 2409m - Durmitor, the sixth largest peak of Durmitor. It is located in the heart of the mountain. It is surrounded by the largest peaks of Durmitor. Hiking starts from the Saddle and it is necessary to overcome 500 m of altitude difference to the top. The tour lasts about 5 hours in both directions. The peak is suitable for camping a small group from where you can experience a fantastic sunrise and sunset on the peaks of Durmitor.


Camping - Optional


Sinjajevina is an extreme gem of untouched nature in the north of Montenegro. The lack of rocky peaks and dramatic glacial valleys casts this mountain in the shadow of neighboring Durmitor. Although poorly visited, Sinjajevina is paradoxically the most spacious mountain in Montenegro - it occupies an area of over 60 square kilometers. Most of Sinjajevina is actually a rolling plateau, with a monotonous landscape of karst sinkholes, fields and grasslands.

Trešteni peak - Maganik



Maganik Mountain and one of the most attractive mountaineering locations in the Balkan region, Tresteni Vrh and Babin Zub. A demanding circular tour where three peaks in a row are visited, the remains of a plane from a plane crash in 1973 and the unique configuration of the terrain provide a really nice atmosphere and feeling.

Mrtvica Canyon


One of the most beautiful canyons of the former Yugoslavia is located in the central part of Montenegro. At 30 km from the municipality of Kolasin, surrounded by cliffs of over 1000m, it looks really scary and beautiful at the same time. The tour is provided for all ages and children. It is ideal for swimming in the late summer days.

Hridsko lake - Prokletije mountain

Camping - Optional


Hridsko Lake and Bogicevica, the jewel of the Accursed Mountain and one of the untouched parts of the nature of Montenegro. The lake, which is located at 2000m above sea level, makes the tour easy and suitable for all ages. The tour lasts 4-5 hours in both directions. Above the lake rises the Hridski Krs, which is suitable for climbing for people who want an even more beautiful view.

Talijanka - Volušnica - Prokletije mountain

Camping - Optional


Grebaja Valley ... the beginning of the trail for one of the three most beautiful views of Prokletije - Talijanka and Volusnica. The trail is about 10 km long and is suitable for all ages, it is part of easy hiking tours. It is very suitable for camping.

Kapetanovo & Manito lakes

Camping - Optional


Two lakes and one peak, Captain's Lake, Manito Lake and Stozac, a tour that leaves you breathless. Located near the municipality of Niksic, it is part of an easy mountaineering tour.

Vasojevicki Kom

Camping - Optional

DJI_0040-HDR (2)_edited.jpg

Komovi, next to Durmitor and Prokletije, is the third most impressive mountain in Montenegro. With peaks almost reaching a height of 2,500 meters, Komovi are breaking clouds and impressively dominating the southeastern part of Montenegro. In the northwest, Komovi is surrounded by the Bjelasica mountain, while on the south and southeast side they are surrounded by the massifs of Kučke Planine-Žijovo and Prokletije. Komovi is a relatively small mountain massif in terms of the area they occupy, although in terms of the height of their peaks they are among the highest and most impressive mountains in Montenegro.

Bjelasica Mountain

Camping - Optional


Bjelasica Mountain is located in the central part of Montenegro. It occupies a large area, so it is divided between as many as five municipalities (Kolašin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Berane and Andrijevica). The length and width of the space occupied by this mountain is the same: 30 kilometers. Bjelasica can boast of several significant advantages: very easy passability to the highest peaks, very rich forest fund and, most importantly, the abundance of running water. However, what they know most about this mountain are its lakes. There are as many as 6. The largest, most famous and most visited is Lake Biograd, which is located in the heart of Biogradska gora, one of the three remaining rainforests in Europe. It is suitable for all ages and children.

Ropušnica & Lukanje Čelo

Camping - Optional


Start of the trail: 1,463 m above sea level, Ropušnica katun (Korita spring). Goal: Forehead bowing, peak 2,049 m above sea level Altitude difference: 586 m Trail difficulty: medium Trail length: 2.75 km Time to climb: 2 h 30 min, Water on the trail: there is. At the beginning of the trail there is a spring - Korita. You can also get good drinking water at the spring in Počinak, across from the restaurant, about 500 m before turning off the main road to the local road to Osretke (Ropušnica). Staračka gradina, Durmitor, Gradišta, Jablanov vrh, Tornu, Umove, Gornja Morača, Vučje, Crkvine, Bjelasica, Ključ, Ostrvica, Komovi, Prokletije, Kučke planine and others.

Zabojsko lake

Camping - Optional


A beauty that leaves no one indifferent! Mountain eyes on Zaboj. Zabojsko Lake, surrounded by dense coniferous and beech forests, is located in the northeastern part of Sinjajevina at an altitude of 1,477 meters. Due to its exceptional natural values, it is protected within the Durmitor National Park by a strict protection regime. The lake covers an area of 27,600 m2, but due to its great depth it has a fairly large volume. With a maximum depth of about 19 meters, it is one of the deepest lakes in Montenegro. In fact, in terms of depth, it takes the third place, behind Crni on Durmitor (49.1 m) and Kapetanovo Lake on Lukavica (37 m). The tour is 10 km long in the direction and therefore belongs to the middle mountaineering tour.

Lola - Morača Mountain

Camping - Optional


Quite a large area located near the source of the river Moraca. The presence of numerous mountain ridges, river, valleys and pronounced vertical slopes make this mountain area very interesting. The tour is an easy tour and is suitable for all ages. Depending on physical condition, there is an option to climb five peaks in a circular tour.

Visitor Lake and Visitor Mountain


Visitor Lake is located on the Visitor Mountain, after its got the name. It lies on the northeast side of the mountain, at altitude of 1735m. It was formed by the accumulation of water in the lowest circus of Visitor. It belongs to the group of the smallest mountain lakes known as "Mountain Eyes". The tour starts from the village of Pepici and is 13 kilometers to the lake in one direction by dirt road. It is suitable for all ages.

Trnovačko Lake

Camping - Optional


Mratinje, a village where you start to hike to Trnovacko Lake, from Montenegro side. The required time of ascent is 5-6 hours in one direction for people in excellent physical condition, which is why, one of the difficult hiking tours. The tour is recomanded to be done with overnight.

Buni i Jezerces

Camping - Optional


Lake Valley: glacial amphitheater of six periodic lakes below the highest peaks of Prokletije Mountains in Albanian side of the border - Spectacular untouched nature . The tour is moderate and requires good physical condition. The tour is recomanded to be done with overnight

Sušičko and Škrčko Lake - Durmitor


In the western part of the Durmitor National Park at 1700 m above sea level surrounded by high rocks are two small mountain reservoirs - Big and Small Škrčka lakes. It can only be done on a walking route, spending several hours of hard walking on it. The tour is one of the difficult tours.

Skadarsko Lake - Wild Horses


Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Montenegro and the Balkan Peninsula. The rich flora and fauna and untouched nature are what make this lake recognized and protected. An excellent choice for all kinds of active vacations with kayaking, cycling, cruising the lake or visiting the site with wild horses.

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