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Kotor Bike & Hike

BIKE TOUR - Downhill from Njegos Mausoleum to Bay of Kotor 


5 hours

Tour starts from Kotor, driving trough old Austrian serpentine road for about 1 hour, all way uphill to the Lovcen mountain. Lovcen is National park where you would hike 461 stairs to the top of Jezerski peak, where is Njegos II Petrovic Mausoleum, our most important monument. You would have time to walk around and visit Mausoleum and monument of Njegos II and his tomb. After 30 minutes, we are going to restaurant for coffee or drink. Later we are going to Cetinje city to visit Cetinje Monastery, the most important Orthodox monastery in region, where are sacred relics of St Petar I Cetinjski and hand of John the Baptist. Close to monastery is National museum where you can see Icon of Holy Mother Filermosa which is the most precious icon in the World. Later you have short walk to visit Castle of King Nikola, which is today City Museum. On the way back we would stop to the village Njegusi to visit traditional prsuto production and have local food tasting or lunch, depends on your wish.

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BIKE TOUR - Panoramic downhill from Njegusi trough Kotor serpentines


3-4 hours

The most amazing cycling tour in Montenegro offers unique view of Kotor.
Tour begin by car transfer uphill trough serpentine road which is built in 19th century by Austrians. This road is 25km and it has 25 curves with stunning view on Kotor Bay and it takes around 45 minutes to our starting position at village Njegusi. It is settled bellow Lovcen mountain at 900 meters above sea level and there is born place of our greatest ruler Njegos the II.

Taking a bikes and short ride trough the village allows you to understand how people here used to live time ago. Keep cycling for 2km light uphill brings us to the Krstac pass where you can try ZIPLINE 400 meters long. Later on at Horizont restaurant you would have a coffee break enjoying the most beautiful view ever. After break, starts downhill cycling for about 1.30h. Having fun and taking amazing photos from every curve with different perspective will make this journey unforgettable.

This is regular road also used by car, so be careful.

BIKE TOUR - Kotor Bay circle and visit Our Lady of the Rock


5 hours

Cycling around Kotor bay is a phenomenal choice to explore the ancient settlements and history of the region.

The tour starts from Old town of Kotor or Tivat, where we begin the ride. During this trip you would see some unique places such as the abandoned "Tresorela" palace, which is under UNESCO heritage and the "Temple of the Holy Mother", the largest Catholic church in the region. Later you would enjoy a short ferry ride to cross the bay to the other side. Cycling to Risan and Perast for a short break and refreshment at a local bar would make you enjoy the view of the bay. Than you would have a short boat tour to visit small island with Church of Our Lady of the Rock in Perast. After that we would continue cycling to the starting point, but meanwhile you would see some historical places like Our Lady of the Angel, Verige pass and several more.
The tour is 45 km and it is all flat terrain except for one short uphill. It is mostly on the main road also used for cars, so be careful.

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BIKE TOUR - Mountain biking on Vrmac peninsula - Panoramic view on Kotor bay


4-5 hours

We take you to the Vrmac peninsula for great mountain biking and downhill adventure.
Tour starts from Trojica pass with 4km uphill on regular road to the Fort Vrmac, which is on 480 meters above sea level. At the Vrmac fort we would have short break to overview the fort and enjoy the view. From this place we would go to Vrmac view point to take some nice photos over Kotor bay. Later on we continue to ride off road trough hiking path all way to the Saint Ilija peak, which is on 760 meters above sea level. Terrain is gravel and it is about 6km long.
This peak is unique in Kotor bay, because this is the only place from where you can see whole Kotor bay. Here we would have a break and enjoy the view.
After sightseeing and break we start downhill. We can go the same path back to starting position on Trojica pass, or we can go downhill all way down to the Tivat city, its up to you.
Be aware of difficulty, moderate physical condition needed and previous mountain biking experience on gravel.

HIKING TOUR - Hiking Vrmac peninsula with panoramic view on Kotor bay


5 hours

We take you on Vrmac peninsula, a natural border between Kotor and Tivat. Which highest peak Sain Ilija is at 760m above sea.
Tour starts with car ride to the village Gornja Lastva in Tivat city, from where beginning hiking trail. First part of hiking is moderate and you would need about 1.30h to reach the top of the Saint Ilija peak at 760m above sea level. This is the only place from where you can see whole Kotor bay and understand it variety. After 30min break you would continue light descending over Vrmac peninsula, trough nice density forest. On this road you would see some abandoned military fortification from 1st world war, and most interesting is Vrmac fort, built by Austro-Hungaria in 19th century. After short visit, you would start downhill hiking to the Kotor city, having a chance to enjoy in several amazing view points. This path was built in 19th century by the soldiers, it is bit narrow and goes in zig-zag shape for about 1,30h all way to Kotor city where tour finish.

HIKING TOUR - Hiking downhill from Krstac to Kotor, visit San Giovanni fortress


4 hours

Tour start from Kotor city by car transfer all way to the Krstac pass. This road is about 20 kilometers with 25 curves and it was old Austrian road which was connecting Kotor with rest of Montenegro.
After 40min of driving you get to starting position. If you like adrenalin, you can try zipline and it is 10 EUR per person. Walking starts down the old serpentine path which first part 1km goes trough the forest and it is very refreshing, but rest of the road is on open with great panoramic view. After 1.30h you would get to the local village Spiljari, where you can visit last family that still lives there and you can taste some local products like ham, cheese, juice or beer. After break you would get in to the Kotor fortress which was built from 9th to 19th century and now is UNESCO protected heritage. From top of the castle you would enjoy stunning view at Kotor city. After short break you would continue walk downstairs all way to the Old town Kotor where tour finish.

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HIKING TOUR- Hiking Kotor castle and visit village Spiljari, taste local ham and drinks


3 hours

This tour starts from Kotor gate and goes behind Old town trough old serpentine path, that have been the only connection between Kotor to the rest of Montenegro in the past.

After 50 minutes of hiking we would get to the village Spiljari where still lives one family. Their house present authentic way how people used to live in past. They have nice terrace with amazing view to Kotor bay and that is the place where you would have break to enjoy the view and taste local smoked ham, cheese or some local drinks. After 30 minutes we continue walking to the fortress and go trough the wall that split village from the fort San Giovanni. In next 20 minutes you would reach the top of the fortress from where you have stunning view at Kotor bay and all area. Fortification was built from 9th to 19th century to protect city from enemies and it was unbreakable and now is UNESCO protected heritage. After short break we would continue walk downstairs all way to the Old town Kotor where tour ends up.

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